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Neat Obsessions. A 2018 Passion Project.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Neat Obsessions started as a passion project and now has grown into a movement. Started with me being obsessed with everything about cleaning, organizing, or simply making things around me orderly and beautiful. Today, I am humbled and proud of not just being able to help people find order in their home or place of work, but also inspire other moms to find order in their personal well-being.

I have always been moved to know that, like me, there are other moms out there who are struggling to juggle work, motherhood, and keeping a home more livable and happy. When the dust settles (pun not intended), we moms have either a room full of diapers, toys, clothes, or just simply a big pile of mess begging to get our attention, which we seldom have time to give.

Some other moms who are in their beautiful 40s, 50s, or 60s would also reach out to me, not just because their home is a mess, but simply because beautiful memories of the things that they have are hard to manage, more so, let go. This is a time where I believe asking people to discard away stuff without going through a process is not very reasonable. Take note moms – letting go is a Process, not an event! Often times, cold turkey hurts, sometimes effective, but if you think about it, these memories are the only things in your life that are always around you. As such, my passion is not just a project of sorting, organizing, and beautifying, but is also a project of self-discovery. Getting to a state where you are comfortable and happy. I have blog posts here which share simple steps on letting go, sorting techniques, or just accepting the fact that you will keep something forever, thus organizing is key to make most out of these things.

Let me tell you a bit about myself before we move on to this journey. I am first and foremost a mother and a wife. As such, my core passion has always been motherhood, this is my identity, this is my purpose. Peripheral inspiration would come and go, but never have I realized that my neat obsession, has always been part of who I am, even before I got married. I was raised in a household where cleanliness is literally next to godliness – because I have to clean everything from my room to even small religious statues at home. I opted to take BS Psychology and had a good understanding of how and why emotions or ideas prompt people to act or think a particular way. This became helpful to further assess where the happiness of my clients really is coming from.

And before I knew it, I realized I have an obsessive-compulsive condition about how making things around me neat and tidy. I wouldn’t consider this as a disorder though, as I am in a constant state of being able to manage it, turning it on or off as needed. But the idea of turning an obsession into a passion, just by knowing how to manage and control it, is a great revelation! A revelation I am always eager to share.

I’m so excited to talk to you, meet you, and share these thoughts (and more!). I will be posting in this blog things that hopefully will inspire, calm, and make you happy. I really hope we can exchange ideas about everything neat in this blog or in person.

Stay Neat everyone!

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