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Philippine Star – August 21, 2018

Top 10 home Organization tips by Mons Romulo 




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Top 10 home organization tips by Mons Romulo

Life was simpler then. Our clothes and shoes would all fit in the cabinets in our room. But now, with the influx of imported brands, billboards, advertisements and malls everywhere plus the temptation of sales for last season’s clothes, our cabinets are getting smaller and smaller. read more>>>



Philippine Star – July 28, 2018

Professional Cleaning, De-cluttering Home Spaces, and Refurbishing an Old Desk on MLTV by Elmer B. Coldora


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Clean “Slate” Of Mind: The Art Of Organizing And Decluttering According To Issa Reyes Of Neat Obsessions by Sara de los Reyes

Believe her, it’s easier than it looks.
It doesn’t surprise Issa Reyes that the words “cleaning,” “tidying up,” “organizing,” or, heaven forbid, “letting go of things you don’t need any more” send chills down the spines of many… read more>>>



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The Perfect Gift for an Exhausted Mom by Din Real Bautista 

Neat Obsessions is different from the above cleaning services because it makes sure that everything in your house is well-placed and sorted by partnering with cleaning services to achieve… read more>>>