A Mother’s Commitment

Just recently, we helped organize the room of Nikko, a son,whose father passed away last year. Although the highlight of this feature story in Rated Korina is Nikko and his room transformation, I’d like to share a little behind the scenes of the shoot – the story of the mother.

Nikko’s mother’s reaction to the room transformation was also captured in the episode. As a single mom, she long wished for her son’s room to be in order again, although she was not quite sure how she’d help. When visitors would come over, she’d wish the clutter would go away.   


Just like her, Nikko had it difficult when their home’s pillar passed away. As a mom, she tried to look for her son’s interest just so he could start looking at life more positively again. She noticed that her son was inclined to music, and she wanted to provide an area where he will feel inspired to create and be himself. Then again, she didn’t know what to do exactly.

Today, we honor moms for their commitment to their children no matter how old they get. Even if it’s unwarranted, moms would always want what’s best for their children. They will always try to be on top of things no matter how difficult it gets for them too. 

As a mom myself, I always share the importance of identifying where you need help, because I’m sure: there will always be someone who will come to rescue you. We moms always come to the rescue of our kids and our families, and when the time comes that we need rescuing, we’re not sure what to do anymore. It’s always important step to open yourself up to someone who will help you get things done when you think you can’t get up. 

This is the beauty of mom private groups or communities online. If you’re a member of one, then you’d know how helpful it is that you get to read other moms’ dilemmas – first, you’ll feel you’re not alone, and second, you’ll have the opportunity to share what worked for you when you were in the same situation! The mom communities online has become an avenue for selfless sharing and learning, one of the most beautiful offshoots of technology. 

In Nikko’s room, we provided a memory wall for his dad. Photos and memorabilia were displayed to remember him by. 

Nikko’s once-cluttered room is now clean and organized. Finally, his mom’s wish for him to have a space where he will feel inspired to create happy music has been granted. 

There’s no end to a mother’s love. We hear them speak nonstop about reminders, but in those times that we don’t, they silently cover us with their prayers and they fervently whisper their wishes for us until one day, one by one, they become true.