Be Neat with Moneygment

One afternoon, I got a group chat request from Moneygment, asking me to be a speaker for an event designed for homemakers to learn more about the Moneygment app. I got excited for these homemakers, because knowing more about what Moneygment is will really help them become more efficient in their tasks.

The #BeNeatwithMoneygment event, organized by Teena Barretto, came into fruition on July 20.

My role then was to give a talk about organizing and homemaking. Because there are a lot of aspects in homemaking, I opted to discuss these two topics that will help our audience appreciate the Moneygment app better: Home Management, and Proper Filing System.

Home Management

Homemaking goes beyond the tasks that people actually see, such as organizing, cleaning, shopping for food, cooking, and doing the laundry. It requires huge commitment to streamline the behind the scenes to the actual work, because homemaking involves making wise and timely decisions for the entire household.

These decisions involve managing the members of the household, keeping a schedule and making sure everyone at home will be able to follow, and paying the bills – all at once, while making sure you don’t lose yourself in the process.

The question is, how does a homemaker actually accomplish all these when we only have 24 hours in a day? Here are some tips that I shared in my talk:

  1. Know the members of your household. Who are the people who make your house a home? Aside from your immediate family, your household staff also ensures that the activities in your house are well attended even in your absence. Knowing them also means you understand their needs for nourishment and rest.
  2. Identify the scope of your staff’s work. Giving your household staff specific tasks and responsibilities will make them efficient because they will be able to master your instructions in their particular assignments. Also, doing this will avoid conflict since you will give out small, bite-sized tasks rather than massive tasks for them to finish.
  3. Pay their wages promptly and provide government issued benefits. Because they take care of our houses and our kids when we’re away, it’s just proper that we give them their wages or salaries on time. It is also important that we provide them government issued benefits such as SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-Ibig so that they will have a source of money when the need arises.

Proper Filing

Here in the Philippines, most of our transactions, financial or otherwise, require a printed document – birth certificate, proof of employment, school documents, insurance policies, deposit slips, receipts, and the list goes on.

As homemakers, it is very important that we know how to properly safe keep our documents for travel, taxes, references, billings, and so on.

Whatever filing system you have at home is good enough, for as long as your papers are properly sorted (according to type, or date, or a combination of both – whichever works for you) and for as long as you place all these papers in a safe place where you can easily access them once you need them.

Knowing where these papers are at home will make it easy for a homemaker to file and pay for their taxes, bills, and premiums on time. As a homemaker, I cannot stress enough how being on time means not just in paying the bills: we need to get up on time to attend to the kids before they go to school, we need to go to work on time, to go home on time to attend to the kids at night, to make sure everyone eats and sleeps on time, to return the kids’ reply slips and letters to school on time… Doing all these requires efficiency on our part, and we are just so privileged to have technology that adapts to the needs of modern working professionals.

In our #BeNeatwithMoneygment event, my friend Jes Palmiano, owner of Togetech Inc., discussed how the Moneygment app helps us to avoid missing due dates in payments.

With this app, we can pay our taxes, bills, and government premiums all in the comfort of our homes. Moneygment allows us to attend to our kids or to our task for the day while attending to this all-important duty of paying the bills as a homemaker.  

Read (link to Moneygment blog before)

It was a fruitful event because the audience were also given the chance to ask their questions and express their insights after the talks. I am very happy to have met a lot of homemakers who I only knew by their IG usernames!

Believe it or not, days after this event, I still kept looking back to this day. I had such a great time because I actually learned a lot as well. Aside from meeting people and taking home lessons in money management, we were all treated with a massage from Recovery Mode MNL, and loot bags from Kurin Water and Elephantique PH!

Until the next one! Stay Neat, everyone!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the Moneygment app. ☺️

Closet Clean Up! | Paano Ba ‘To with Konmari Specialists

by Bianca Gonzalez Intal

Watch Issa Reyes as she guests in Bianca’s show Paano Ba ‘To featuring other Konmari Specialists

#NeatRecommends : The Dyson V11 Absolute

I am a fan of Dyson for years already. Since getting hold of one dyson v8 vacuum cleaner to this day of my super exciting grand unboxing of v11. I can never get enough of using this baby. I partnered with Dyson to bring this exciting new model to you and hopefully I get to share some good thoughts if this suits your needs.

Here’s my review of the new Dyson V11 Absolute. I was never a believer of dry vacuum until I saw what this machine can do and how it can actually help us in our daily routine at home. Definitely #neatapproved

Homemaking and Moneygment

It’s almost the end of June, Neatropolis!

Some of us have already welcomed a new school year, while others will have to wait a few more weeks. I’m sure moms are at the peak of their busy days again! Those whose kids are still on vacation until July or August, I’m sure you moms are either busy scheduling their vacation activities or already preparing for their coming school days! There are just no long vacations for us, right?

Hang tight, mommas! Like what I always say, it’s a good day today!

Managing the home and the budget that comes with it can get overwhelming. How can we be a more effective homemaker – one that has many responsibilities yet never forgets to attend to each of them on time and without delay?

Let me introduce you to an app that will help us to be both responsible and effective homemakers: The Moneygment App.

Imagine an app that can do all of these…

“Your finances in an app, your future in a tap”

Many of our errands require us to step out of the house. Moneygment gives us more free time by making it easy for us to pay our government premiums, utility bills, and taxes too, at the convenience of our homes! Imagine not having to drive or commute to different establishments to wait in line for an hour only to hand in your payment for a few minutes!

Aside from the convenience it offers, what I also like about the app is that it becomes a tool for us to be educated about our benefits as Filipinos. When one is employed, it’s easy to get updated with the benefits from the government premiums – SSS, PhilHealth, PAG-IBIG – because an HR or a benefits personnel can easily call a meeting to explain them to everybody. On the other hand, it’s a different case for a stay at home mom or a self-employed individual. Because they may not have a full grasp of the benefits they can get, attending to these government premiums takes the back seat or becomes a burden.

How about a little quiz?

  1. Do you know the benefits you get from your government premiums (SSS, PhilHealth, PAG-IBIG)?
  2. Do you know how to access these benefits should you need them?

Even if information is readily available to us through the internet, still, many of us are not aware of our benefits. Has someone ever told you that you can loan in your government premium? Do you know if your spouse has a loan? Moneygment makes it easier for you to answer these questions.

Sometimes, a wife gets content with the knowledge that she is enlisted as the beneficiary of her husband. Sadly, some people only come to realize the need to know their benefits when they get sick to the point of confinement in a hospital – definitely not the best time to learn about them.

Being a responsible homemaker does not only mean we look after the welfare of our immediate family. It also means that we extend our support to the people who help us on a daily basis, who make sure that we are able to work and provide income for the family – our drivers and kasambahays. While they look after our kids and they make sure our kids eat at the proper time, we must ensure that they get the support they need from us, through paying their government premiums so that they have something else to count on aside from their salary, should the need arise.

Through the Moneygment App, we homemakers can make sure everyone in the household is secured and protected.

with our Ate Robyl who have been with us for 8 amazing years!
I pay her government benefits through the app 🙂

My vision for Neat Obsessions is to spread my advocacy that homemaking is for everyone. My mission is to help others and to learn from them too on how to become an effective homemaker.

With these said, everything I learn everyday is something that I share in my social media accounts and in my blog, with the hopes that moms and their kids, husbands and wives, single parents, young professionals, and basically anyone who is reached by my platforms will realize how much convenience is offered by the world today, just so we can easily manage our homes.

I love how Moneygment is here more so now that aside from looking after my growing kids, I also need to manage a business. With Moneygment, it will be easier for me to attend to things I need to pay, give benefits to my employees, and maximize my time.

Have a a great weekend, Neatropolis!

Stay Neat Everyone!


It was such a delight to see how our #EasterNeatster promo turned out. I did not expect to receive 237 #neatprojects! I’m so thrilled that the entries came not just from moms! Before I knew it, I had an album, not just 1 but 3 highlight buttons (because I can only store 100 stories per highlight) of not just organized areas in the house, but also organized drawers, folders, first aid kits, and bags! Some of you even sent multiple entries! Some of you even recycled things to organize their stuff.

To those who are curious what my qualifications were, it was pretty simple, they should tag the page @neatobsessions and put the #easterneatster hashtag. I am not technical in assessing who will qualify and get #neatapproved. I only have 1 goal in coming up with this promo and that is to encourage each and everyone that YOU, yes YOU, can do it! No matter how big or small, simple or complicated your project is, once you have defined your system and YOUR standard of neatness, then YOU are now in charge of your space. Mindfulness starts from knowing what is important in your life and we can start that practice by knowing what we truly need.

I have learned so much from this exercise and I am very happy to share with you some of my favorites when organizing. I will be sharing more of my #neatreflections about this contest probably in my next blog. 🙂

But for now, I don’t want to steal this moment from the lucky winners of this promo!

I only have 10 winners to announce, but I’m sure that everyone who joined will experience a #NeatWin in their everyday routine.

Congratulations to:

Thank you very much also for our friends from:

Happy Easter Neatropolis! Stay Neat Everyone! 🙂

Landers Expert Moms

Expert Moms

Feeling Right at Home with Landers Expert Moms. Let me begin this blog with something you might have repetitively read from my posts: I will never get used to being in front of the camera.

The moment I received the invitation to be featured in Landers Expert Moms, this familiar feeling of anxiety and excitement rolled into one began. I love speaking to people, but doing it in front of a recording camera is another thing! I can handle conversations with moms most especially if it’s about sharing with them everything I learned ever since I became a mom… but as much as possible, no cameras please!

I continue to get amazed at how my good grip at things neat and orderly at home transcended to the homes of other people, whether we know each other for years, or we just got acquainted through Instagram. Before Neat happened, I never thought that my being “Queen of our Household” would tap other Queens in their respective homes to begin their journey in organizing, even if they are reading my posts miles and miles away from where I post them. I believe there is still a lot to learn everyday both in motherhood and in professional organizing, but I am thankful for the confidence that Moms have in my expertise… I’m beyond thankful to Landers for recognizing it and for choosing to share it with more moms.

(I only wish I could translate some of those to confidence in speaking in front of the camera.)

The thing is, no matter how much my anxiety or worries are, the taping day will inevitably come!

I am so blessed to have done this episode with my good friend Nadine Henson-Cuevas, who just does it so well in front of the camera! Her constant encouragement just lightens up the load of filming for me, and her being natural is just so inspiring! Nadine is more than just a good host. Having known her for quite some time, I could go on and on about how great of a mom and person she is. While filming, I just realized how very appropriate the title “Landers Expert Mom” is for her. Nadine knows Landers so well that she can bring you to that aisle or corner where the product you’re looking for sits. She knows which products suits the need of a mom, whether for her children or for her house. As a bonus, she can provide information regarding promos or big sales in Landers!

For me, Landers is also such an expert in the services it provides and the products it offers. Whenever I enter its doors (and I’m talking about doing this in any of the branches), there’s this feeling of welcome which is so familiar – that same feeling I get when I enter my own home. There’s comfort knowing that it will provide you everything you need, without hassle.

Shopping in Landers is just so convenient for me because I literally just hop off and go walk around this huge one-stop shop to get my needs. For mommies like me who balances time for a family with three kids and time for business, I find it time consuming to go to different stores before my shopping gets completed. Landers just saves me a lot of time and energy, that I get to spend with my family instead.

I also love how it offers a wide range of products. Any type of mom would find shopping in Landers a breeze. Moms who are keen on cooking, cleaning, or organizing would find something especially for them in Landers.

I must say that Landers being the filming location also helped a lot in making me feel relaxed during the shoot. Whenever I’m faced with unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations, I tend to look for faces and places to give me comfort. And while I constantly remind myself that just like in anything, I need to (slowly but surely) overcome my anxiety of speaking in front of the camera, I am thankful to Nadine, and to Landers, for even if I felt a hundred bursting emotions inside while the camera’s red light is on, they both managed to make me feel right at home.

#PotteryBarn x NeatObsessions

(Wow. I am still in awe typing that hashtag.)

I guess Christmas came a little early for me this year!

The workshop a week ago is a gift wrapped in so many layers. Every day that led me to August 31 offered beautiful things that I felt like I was opening a gift one layer at a time.

Allow me to share with you…

My friend Mika (Martinez) and I were shopping in Greenbelt when out of the blue, she offered, “How would you like to conduct your own workshop?” The world stopped for a moment enough for me to think of a response: “Where shall I buy the confidence to do it?”

The idea kept playing in my head. I wasn’t sure how I will be able to pull an entire workshop off. A small part of me says I can do it, if and only if I will be given enough time to prepare. A couple of months, maybe?

After two days, someone from Pottery Barn called to confirm that the workshop will be in TWO WEEKS’ TIME! Totoo na ba talaga ‘to? Haha! If I could just bargain for more time… but at this point, I really was not sure when the right time is. Will I be able to gather enough confidence if the workshop was scheduled in two months’ or three months’ time, or will it just prolong my anxiety? I really do not know where to get the confidence to speak in front of people.

But Pottery Barn, as if feeling my anxiety, provided me so much comfort by efficiently attending to the logistics. I felt right at home when I saw that they were really into it, and that all I would do is be there on August 31 and conduct the workshop (which is not an easy task! Haha!). They made the preparations hassle-free for me. They told me that it will be a private event, and only those who are registered through the sign up form in Pottery Barn’s Instagram page, and those who will make it to the limited slots will be able to get a seat.

Preparing for my own workshop is one thing, having Pottery Barn to take care of me is another. This is Pottery Barn, an international brand collaborating with me! Just that thought is enough to make my heart burst with gratitude.

I must say that seeing my name on their IG page brought me to cloud nine.


I couldn’t stop asking – Is this really happening?

When I reposted the invitation on my own Instagram page, the good lucks from people poured in. Somewhere there, I confirmed to myself that it is indeed happening.

Then I messaged Justa, the Marketing Manager of Pottery the following day after the announcement was posted online  to ask how the registration is going. I was supposed to request if I could reserve five slots for my family and friends. I was thinking, if nobody would sign up or show up, at least five people will be there to listen! Hahaha!

After a couple of minutes, she texted to tell me that they had to take down the registration because they could only accommodate a maximum of 40 participants, but the registration count already reached 168! Whaaaaaat? Why? How? How did all of this happen? I couldn’t really place what I was feeling that time. I was in a state of shock, gratitude, anxiety, excitement, and disbelief all at the same time!

I texted Mika to tell her, “What have I gotten myself into?” There I was catching all the anxiety in the world!

Prior to the event, as if perfectly orchestrated, I read the most heartfelt write up from my Senior Organizer. It was sent to me as a surprise, and it was such a confidence booster! It came at a time when Friendster testimonials were a thing of the past, and when many people would express appreciation in the form of likes and emojis… Read here: Neat Classroom

We’ve been working together for just give or take a month. I never realized I already had that impact on her.

How I wish I could also replicate that same impact in an hour!

Then came THE DAY.


I couldn’t feel my toes that day. I wasn’t even sure if I was hungry or not but I ate anyway. Everything was a blur. Before I know it I was already standing in Pottery Barn an hour before 3pm, preparing our things, going through my notes, doing all this while my knees are shaking and my heart is beating so fast.

I love talking to people. But I’d love it more if the conversation was spontaneous. Knowing that this is an event that people signed up for makes me really conscious. But the people who came made me feel relaxed. I felt more than happy to finally meet the people behind the IG usernames who asked me once or twice where I got the storage bins in my posts, and so on. It feels so amazing that the people in front of me that time actually follow my page and read my posts! If I could only pinch myself to remind me that this is all real (and to help stop me from still being nervous), I’d do it. But I didn’t, all because things happen fast and Mika was already in front doing the introductions for the workshop!

The short talk and workshop consisted of three topics: Top 10 Tips in Organizing, Baby Bag Organization Tips, and Home Office Organization Tips.

The number of congratulations and words of appreciation from everyone is priceless. That day in Pottery Barn, I was with people I’ve known for the longest time, people I’ve been with for a short time, and people I just met – but I feel so humbled knowing that they all appreciate what I do. I never imagined that the little and everyday things I do could create such impact to people.

When the workshop was over, when my knees stopped shaking, and when all sorts of emotion came in, I stopped and thought – Maybe… just maybe… I am doing something right.


Because this is a day I won’t ever forget, allow me to lengthen this post a few lines more to express my gratitude:

to Mika, for trusting me and believing in me. Up until minutes before the workshop, you kept telling me I’ll do great and that there’s no reason to be nervous.

to Pottery Barn, for being such a wonderful and generous host! Thank you for accommodating me and my last minute requests.

to Ria, for giving me the most humbling feedback. You gave it a time I needed it the most.

to all my friends, for coming to cheer me and to support me despite your very busy schedules.

to all the people who signed up but didn’t make it to the limited slots, to those who got seats, and to those who watched in IG Live, for making me feel I am worth your time.

… and to my husband, for tirelessly supporting me since Day 1.

I stepped out of my comfort zone to be able to survive my first ever workshop. While the beautiful gift that is the workshop has ended, it allowed me to open more and more beautiful gifts as I come to realize that the things that brought me to this workshop and to this day aren’t material gifts at all… shared lives, sincere mentoring, meaningful friendships, and deep, deep love.

Thank you God for loving me.