Hej ikea! Welcome to Manila!

It’s not a secret to you anymore that my husband and I lived in Hong Kong in the earlier part of our marriage. Maybe what I haven’t told you yet is that we felt lost and didn’t really know where to begin. 

With a toddler and no helper, it was difficult to build a home in a tiny flat in a foreign country. I wasn’t fully into homemaking yet, since we were relatively newly married and I’m also just a new mom. We were still in the phase of testing the waters then. 

Believe it or not, all it took for us was a few visits to Ikea and before we knew it, our small space was easily filled with everything we need! Since we are dealing with a small space, we had to think of storage solutions such as under the bed storage, and cabinets that molded into our walls. My husband did all the assembling since every Ikea furniture comes with visual instructions which are very easy to follow. 

Our furniture may not have been custom made, but they were perfect for our small space and our then family of three.   

When we went back here to the Philippines, there was no more Ikea. I had to request for Ikea items from my friends abroad. After years of waiting, Ikea is finally here! I am grateful that Ikea Philippines invited me to be one of the few who would get a sneak peek of the largest Ikea store in the world! 

Allow me to share with you 6 things that I love about Ikea Philippines

  1. They considered the Filipino way of living. Touring its guests in their showrooms first is part of every Ikea experience. To be welcomed by a foyer display with Capiz window panels on display is truly heartwarming! It really made me feel that I am definitely inside an Ikea store in the Philippines. 

Also, every bedroom, kids’ room, living room, kitchen, and bathroom in the showroom mirror the configuration of compact Filipino condominiums. In other words, we don’t have to guess and assume how the items would look like in actual condominium spaces.

I really love the concept of showrooms because guests get to see how the products work together in a particular area at home, but I love it more that the first Ikea in the Philippines considered and integrated the lives of Filipinos in their showrooms

2. Price points are affordable. I mean…

Very easy on the pockets of Filipinos! Need I say more?

3. Shopping is convenient! Labelling has always been part of my organizing process because it helps us easily identify items most especially in shared spaces. Items in Ikea come with detailed and color-coded tags that work in the same efficient way! 

Aside from the price, a red tag communicates that you will find that item flat-packed in the Self-Serve Area in the Market Hall. You don’t have to worry about getting lost, since a red tag also indicates the item’s corresponding rack and section numbers in the Self-Serve Area. #neatwin! In case you’re wondering, the Self-Serve area is where you literally add your items to cart! 

yellow tag means that you will need to assistance from one of their staff to help you with your purchase. 

4. They offer a 365-day return and product guarantees. Where else can you find a store that can offer a refund up to a year in case “you change your mind about your purchase”? Also, their product guarantee “allows you to make a claim” if you think their items “failed to live up to their promise.” For example, they have 10-year guarantee for bed components and mattresses and 25-year guarantee for selected kitchen sinks! Amazing, right? 

5. They promote sustainability. Products made using sustainable materials are labeled with green tags. (Their color coding is really efficient!) Also, right before the checkout counters, you will see the Circular Hub. I am really amazed with this concept, and I’m sure bargain-loving Filipinos will love it too! The Circular Hub gives a second life to Ikea furniture, because items on display have minimal flaws but offered at a discounted price! Each tag indicates the original and discounted price, and the reason for the discount! Talk about honesty and transparency from a home furnishing shop!

6. They think of our safety and welfare. Ikea Philippines opens to the public on November 25, 2021. Unfortunately, walk ins are currently not allowed. Although aisles and walkways can accommodate foot traffic, the management still doesn’t want to compromise their guests’ safety. For everyone’s welfare, they follow a no booking, no shopping policy. Book your Ikea experience for you and your family here!

I’m really happy that Filipinos can now experience the joy of enhancing their spaces and putting together a happy home with the help of affordable and functional Ikea products. I hope that finally having Ikea in the Philippine shores will better amplify our message here at Neat Obsessions that homemaking is indeed for everyone.  

As a professional organizer and homemaker, I appreciate how Ikea teaches us the value of commitment. From the moment we take our items from the Self-Serve area to the moment we assemble our furniture at home, we are taught to commit to our choices. We are taught to take care of our things because we personally handpicked them and spent time in building them. Also, their return policies and product guarantee reinforce our commitment with building a home that we love. 

Stay Neat, homemakers!