How to Declutter The “Anything Goes Drawer”

In Conversation With Issa Reyes of Neat Obsessions by Stephanie Zubiri

Issa Reyes gives us tips on how to sort our junk drawersAdvertisement

We know you have one. That one drawer where you just dump anything that you’re not sure of. The things that have no place but need to be kept. A random paper clip, old power cords, old remotes, receipts, pens, rubber bands, manuals, coins, a small allen wrench you only used once, batteries that are perhaps only half empty…. All jumbled up and jammed in. You know exactly which drawer I’m talking about.

Now that we are home and we have the time, why not tackle the “Anything Goes Drawer” and see if we can put some method to the madness. In our second installment of our conversations with Issa Reyes of Neat Obsessions, she walks us through how to put organize “that” drawer.

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