What’s in your Diaper Bag?

Having 3 kids, I’ve gone through a lot… a lot of diaper bags, that is. Having a 7, a 5 and a very new 1 year old baby led to a journey of bag discovery – the stylish but heavy and big Coach diaper bag, the very organized Jujube, the easy access Anelo.

From the mindset of “the entire nursery” inside the bag to just having the essentials… I think I’m now a “specialist”, not by design but by sheer trial and error in editing what’s inside mom’s most loved essential – diaper bags. 😅🙈

This particular skip*hop diaper bag is a combination of all my previous bags, it’s spacious, (super) lightweight, easy access, organized, fits right at the back and stylish (doesnt shout that it’s a diaper bag).

Finally, the one for me! ☺️ Swipe left to see what’s inside mine and why I need them. I’m saying “I NEED” because I salute moms that can go with their toddlers with just baby wipes in their bag, waaahhh how to be you, as in seriously, how? 😅♥️ #neatobsessions #ochits #octips #diaperbag

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