The Birth of Neat Obsessions

A little more background as to how this passion project started…

I was updating our (family) documents one morning and posted the result on my personal IG stories. I got surprised when friends started to send me messages saying that it was a nice idea, even thanking me for the tips, and that they were encouraged to do it as well. I thought, if my friends find it inspiring, maybe I can come up with something to share. Things that I have been doing since I was a kid… cleaning and organizing! hahaha! I already have some materials to feature at home and all I have to do is to point and shoot. Sounds easy to me then. With that, Neat Obsessions was born.

Little did I know that this will lead to something beautiful (and apparently, not easy at all!). I was so happy to be receiving wonderful comments from people, especially from people that I didn’t know before. Friends are encouraging me to share, post, and do it for others too (I have such supportive friends). And my husband, who fuels my passion every single day, cheering me on no matter how simple my posts are.

But one particular message had me thinking really hard about this passion project. Should I actually reach out and help other moms out there? Not just send replies or DMs, but actually help them and be with them.

The message was from a mom who said that she’s so helpless and overwhelmed about the things happening in her life. I immediately felt heavy, but at the same time inspired, in knowing there is a mom out there who needs help. She’s a mother who recently gave birth to her 2nd child. Without any helper at home, she clings on and remained strong, but was not ashamed to reach out for help. She said that she wanted to have a home which is neat and tidy, but just couldn’t find the time to do it because she’s so exhausted. I was able to relate right away with her situation and felt that if only I can step in and help, just for a short while,  maybe it will lessen her worries.

It is very uncommon for most moms to ask for help because, as weird as it may be, when you become one, there’s this set of superpowers that automatically become a part of you… Carrying another human? How super is that?!!! And asking for help should never be only a last resort because of this pressure from the world that ALL MOMs CAN DO EVERYTHING – is totally MISUNDERSTOOD! It’s not that we are supposed to do everything, it’s that we just want to do everything… out of love, of course. I also realized that motherhood is the ability to become the best even if we’re not perfect. Why? Because our children only need us – nothing more, nothing less. So I reached out to the super mom ready to take another helping hand so that she can continue to be super with her two lovely kids.

That’s why Neat Obsessions is here! Born from the passion of motherhood, focusing more on an aspect of holistic well-being. At times when things (Literally… actual things that pile up around you) become overwhelming, I can help you sort it out.

As most moms say it… there’s no better hood than MOTHERHOOD! So let us empower each other and pray that our husband and children will continue to love us even during those crazy times where we can’t seem to fulfill the promise of EVERYTHING. At the end of the day, no matter how chaotic the world is, a Mother’s Love makes everything better; giving peace from the love which is ever so pure and NEAT. 🙂

High five to you momma! Stay Neat!