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Top 10 home organization tips

by Mons Romulo

Life was simpler then. Our clothes and shoes would all fit in the cabinets in our room. But now, with the influx of imported brands, billboards, advertisements and malls everywhere plus the temptation of sales for last season’s clothes, our cabinets are getting smaller and smaller. 
I remember then, my friends and I would be happy with a pair of simple white sneakers, which we used in and out of school. But now, we are being exposed to different brands, types and colors of rubber shoes.
Today, most homes are built with a whole different room that serves as a dressing room or to accommodate the things we feel we might need in the future. But for those living with a limited space, there are storage companies that offer extra space to accommodate things that are hard to let go or has sentimental value.

In the Philippines, it’s not often that we hear about “professional organizers” so I was happy when I chanced upon Issa Reyes of @neatobsessions through Instagram.
Issa is a BS Psychology graduate, a mom and a wife, whose obsession for cleanliness and managing her household has now turned into a passion of making things for her family and friends orderly and beautiful.

“I have always been moved to know that there are moms out there who are struggling to juggle work, motherhood, and keeping a home more livable and happy. We moms have a room full of clothes, beautiful memories of things that are hard to let go or just simply a big pile of mess begging to get our attention, which we seldom have time to give.” she explained. “I believe asking people to discard stuff without going through a process is not very reasonable because letting go is a process, not an event.”
For today’s Wordsworth, Issa shares with us her Top 10 tips in organizing rooms. I hope her tips will help you as much as they have helped me


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