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Feeling Right at Home with Landers Expert Moms. Let me begin this blog with something you might have repetitively read from my posts: I will never get used to being in front of the camera.

The moment I received the invitation to be featured in Landers Expert Moms, this familiar feeling of anxiety and excitement rolled into one began. I love speaking to people, but doing it in front of a recording camera is another thing! I can handle conversations with moms most especially if it’s about sharing with them everything I learned ever since I became a mom… but as much as possible, no cameras please!

I continue to get amazed at how my good grip at things neat and orderly at home transcended to the homes of other people, whether we know each other for years, or we just got acquainted through Instagram. Before Neat happened, I never thought that my being “Queen of our Household” would tap other Queens in their respective homes to begin their journey in organizing, even if they are reading my posts miles and miles away from where I post them. I believe there is still a lot to learn everyday both in motherhood and in professional organizing, but I am thankful for the confidence that Moms have in my expertise… I’m beyond thankful to Landers for recognizing it and for choosing to share it with more moms.

(I only wish I could translate some of those to confidence in speaking in front of the camera.)

The thing is, no matter how much my anxiety or worries are, the taping day will inevitably come!

I am so blessed to have done this episode with my good friend Nadine Henson-Cuevas, who just does it so well in front of the camera! Her constant encouragement just lightens up the load of filming for me, and her being natural is just so inspiring! Nadine is more than just a good host. Having known her for quite some time, I could go on and on about how great of a mom and person she is. While filming, I just realized how very appropriate the title “Landers Expert Mom” is for her. Nadine knows Landers so well that she can bring you to that aisle or corner where the product you’re looking for sits. She knows which products suits the need of a mom, whether for her children or for her house. As a bonus, she can provide information regarding promos or big sales in Landers!

For me, Landers is also such an expert in the services it provides and the products it offers. Whenever I enter its doors (and I’m talking about doing this in any of the branches), there’s this feeling of welcome which is so familiar – that same feeling I get when I enter my own home. There’s comfort knowing that it will provide you everything you need, without hassle.

Shopping in Landers is just so convenient for me because I literally just hop off and go walk around this huge one-stop shop to get my needs. For mommies like me who balances time for a family with three kids and time for business, I find it time consuming to go to different stores before my shopping gets completed. Landers just saves me a lot of time and energy, that I get to spend with my family instead.

I also love how it offers a wide range of products. Any type of mom would find shopping in Landers a breeze. Moms who are keen on cooking, cleaning, or organizing would find something especially for them in Landers.

I must say that Landers being the filming location also helped a lot in making me feel relaxed during the shoot. Whenever I’m faced with unfamiliar or uncomfortable situations, I tend to look for faces and places to give me comfort. And while I constantly remind myself that just like in anything, I need to (slowly but surely) overcome my anxiety of speaking in front of the camera, I am thankful to Nadine, and to Landers, for even if I felt a hundred bursting emotions inside while the camera’s red light is on, they both managed to make me feel right at home.