Homemaking and Moneygment

It’s almost the end of June, Neatropolis!

Some of us have already welcomed a new school year, while others will have to wait a few more weeks. I’m sure moms are at the peak of their busy days again! Those whose kids are still on vacation until July or August, I’m sure you moms are either busy scheduling their vacation activities or already preparing for their coming school days! There are just no long vacations for us, right?

Hang tight, mommas! Like what I always say, it’s a good day today!

Managing the home and the budget that comes with it can get overwhelming. How can we be a more effective homemaker – one that has many responsibilities yet never forgets to attend to each of them on time and without delay?

Let me introduce you to an app that will help us to be both responsible and effective homemakers: The Moneygment App.

Imagine an app that can do all of these…

“Your finances in an app, your future in a tap”

Many of our errands require us to step out of the house. Moneygment gives us more free time by making it easy for us to pay our government premiums, utility bills, and taxes too, at the convenience of our homes! Imagine not having to drive or commute to different establishments to wait in line for an hour only to hand in your payment for a few minutes!

Aside from the convenience it offers, what I also like about the app is that it becomes a tool for us to be educated about our benefits as Filipinos. When one is employed, it’s easy to get updated with the benefits from the government premiums – SSS, PhilHealth, PAG-IBIG – because an HR or a benefits personnel can easily call a meeting to explain them to everybody. On the other hand, it’s a different case for a stay at home mom or a self-employed individual. Because they may not have a full grasp of the benefits they can get, attending to these government premiums takes the back seat or becomes a burden.

How about a little quiz?

  1. Do you know the benefits you get from your government premiums (SSS, PhilHealth, PAG-IBIG)?
  2. Do you know how to access these benefits should you need them?

Even if information is readily available to us through the internet, still, many of us are not aware of our benefits. Has someone ever told you that you can loan in your government premium? Do you know if your spouse has a loan? Moneygment makes it easier for you to answer these questions.

Sometimes, a wife gets content with the knowledge that she is enlisted as the beneficiary of her husband. Sadly, some people only come to realize the need to know their benefits when they get sick to the point of confinement in a hospital – definitely not the best time to learn about them.

Being a responsible homemaker does not only mean we look after the welfare of our immediate family. It also means that we extend our support to the people who help us on a daily basis, who make sure that we are able to work and provide income for the family – our drivers and kasambahays. While they look after our kids and they make sure our kids eat at the proper time, we must ensure that they get the support they need from us, through paying their government premiums so that they have something else to count on aside from their salary, should the need arise.

Through the Moneygment App, we homemakers can make sure everyone in the household is secured and protected.

with our Ate Robyl who have been with us for 8 amazing years!
I pay her government benefits through the app 🙂

My vision for Neat Obsessions is to spread my advocacy that homemaking is for everyone. My mission is to help others and to learn from them too on how to become an effective homemaker.

With these said, everything I learn everyday is something that I share in my social media accounts and in my blog, with the hopes that moms and their kids, husbands and wives, single parents, young professionals, and basically anyone who is reached by my platforms will realize how much convenience is offered by the world today, just so we can easily manage our homes.

I love how Moneygment is here more so now that aside from looking after my growing kids, I also need to manage a business. With Moneygment, it will be easier for me to attend to things I need to pay, give benefits to my employees, and maximize my time.

Have a a great weekend, Neatropolis!

Stay Neat Everyone!