Neat Obsessions The Book

It felt surreal to type Neat Obsessions Full Manuscript in the subject line of my email one week ago.

I paused and stared before I hit send, just like how they do it in the movies.

It was so momentous, I felt like crying.

To tell you honestly, I never thought I would publish a book one day. I did want to share my passion, but it didn’t really cross my mind that my passion could go this far. I could only thank God over and over for blessing me with opportunities beyond my wildest dreams.

I’m writing this blog right now because I already missed working on the book, even if it’s only more or less a week since the day I finished it. If you’re familiar with the feeling of wanting to finish reading a book or a series because you can’t wait to know how the story ends, but at the same time you don’t want to finish it yet – that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling since that night I finished it. I kind of wished the writing could stretch for a longer time since doing it is part of my every day, but I know it just couldn’t happen! I’ve been working on it for quite some time now, and I guess it’s time my story goes beyond my laptop.

Why am I being so nostalgic about this?

This milestone makes me remember the past milestones I had in Neat. Growing my team, braving the camera for my vlogs in Youtube, sharing my experiences through workshops, and many others I can’t mention anymore. Since God gave Neat to me, I was brought to places beyond my comfort zones. I clearly remember how my hands and knees used to shake on the first wave of interviews, workshops, and shoots for the vlogs. I’m not saying that I don’t feel nervous anymore. I would like to think that in those two years, I understood more that in order for my advocacy to reach as many homemakers I pray to reach, I need to go beyond my comfort zone, beyond my usual Instagram posts.

To be given the opportunity to write a book is entering another territory for me. I really had no idea where to begin!

But with the support of my husband and the ABS-CBN Publishing Team who worked with me, I realized that to be able to write it, I need to retrace my steps and go back to the exact place and feeling where Neat Obsessions started. As you probably know by now, it started way, way back, and continued up to this day when my passion is way beyond the walls of my household. 

Writing the book is baring my entire heart. I wrote about everything I believe in. I wrote as a daughter, as a wife, as a mom, and a professional organizer. Most importantly, I wrote as a person with a dream. It has always been my dream to contribute something to the community, (I expounded on this in the book!) and because it is a dream I really wanted to pursue, I started. I started small. I started with Instagram and WordPress. I started with passion, along with inevitable bouts of hesitation and anxiety here and there. I was unsure but I started anyway. What I really want to tell you is, pray, begin, and commit. Have faith, but always remember to put in the hard work. One day, you’ll realize that what’s in store for you is a lot bigger than what you planned for yourself.

Finishing the book is literally and figuratively closing a chapter in my life. There’ll be no more long hours of brainstorming for it, writing on scratch papers on the way to a project, staring at the traffic searching for the right word to express how I feel, or rereading and reviewing the draft manuscripts. It really is parting to a season in my life I can never go back to.

And as you know, as one chapter closes, another begins. While I am slowly saying goodbye to that writing phase, I am beginning to reflect on the entire experience.

What did I learn from it?

Why did I have to write it at this time in my life?

This whole experience of putting the book together is a new experience for me! I was used to just booking projects for my clients; now, on my calendar are schedules for photoshoots for the book! I hope by writing this I communicate how happy I am seeing the photos from the first shoot! It really does feel surreal to be working with a team whose eye for visuals match exactly what I envisioned for the photos to be.  

While we all wait for the book to be published, I wish to remind you to not give up on your dreams. Your time will come. Begin, pray, and commit.   

Happy Monday, Neatropolis!

It’s a good day today!