Neat Labels

Step three of Neat Obsessions’ Homeward Technique is Rehoming, which is placing your things in their own homes. This is “a place for everything, and everything in its place” in action. When you rehome, you need consider where your items should go in connection to how and how often you use them.

Labelling your items is part of Rehoming, and it’s more than just placing stickers on containers and canisters. It is establishing a new system that allows you to be efficient with your routine and to be mindful and grateful with what you have at home.

Neat Obsessions is all about creating a system that works best for Filipino homes. In collaboration with @mayfairandco.home , I created these pre-printed high quality labels which will help you connect with yourself, with your home, and with the feeling of happiness as you begin or continue your organizing journey.

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Neat Labels are home organizing labels to help you with your own systems at home. This allows you to be more efficient with your systems and routines that allows you to be more mindful and appreciate what you have in parts of your homes like the Kitchen, Closet, Play Room, and Storages.