That Feeling Called Home

We only used to pray for this time that we can go out again to continue the work that we do pre-pandemic. These days, we wake up to a season where we slowly move again, calculating our steps to ensure that we deliver our services in a manner that is safe for both our team and our clients.

Yesterday, we had another round of swab testing for the team. It has been part of our lives since we went back to entering our clients’ homes again to help them build a Neat home. Now more than ever, we are thankful for every blessing coming our way, from negative swab test results, safe work places, and of course, our clients’ trust. 

To do organizing services with my team feels home to me. For a time, just like everyone else, I felt that this is not going to happen again. But just like being in long haul flights where rides are not always smooth and time seems to stretch forever, it is coming home that makes us look past the discomfort, and it is in enjoying the flight instead that makes the ride more worthwhile. 

I never missed my kids when we were all at home 24/7 during the lockdown. I made the most out of my time with them. Now, because I frequently go out of our house again to attend to my clients, hearing my kids say “Mom” in response to my announcement that I’m back home is something I also dearly missed. Long hours at work do make me miss my family, but these hours away from them also makes me appreciate the little things such as them excitedly calling me from afar (since they can’t run to me to hug or kiss me yet as soon as I enter the house).

When I plan for a day in my client’s house, I also think about the idea of their things “coming back home.” There is a huge merit when things are in their homes, because there, they are “at rest.” Office supplies in their respective drawers, plates in the rack, clothes properly folded or hung, all give an unmistakable sense of restfulness, as opposed to a state of restlessness, for the things and their owners. When our things are in their proper homes, we also feel calm and at rest knowing that we don’t have to search all over the house just for one item. 

Rehome your items for you to feel home.

Not feeling home is temporary. Sometimes, it may also be a choice. If we choose to focus on discomfort, then we will not enjoy our work, our flight, our day. There wouldn’t be much story to tell our kids when we come back home. 

But when we focus on the task at hand while having that feeling of anticipation, we’ll feel more fulfilled when the time comes that we are home again. 

May you feel at home today, whatever this means for you.

Stay Neat, everyone! ♥️