How to prepare your kids for the Covid-19 Vaccination

Today, February 7, 2022, is the first day of Covid-19 Pediatric Vaccination for children aged 5-11 here in the Philippines. For parents of three children like me and my husband, this is a day we’ve long been waiting for.

In 2020, this day felt like it will not happen in a million years. Now, after two years, vaccines are already available for our kids! Dear parents, I am encouraging you to take this opportunity while the vaccine is free and accessible.

The Department of Health partnered with our pedia, Dr. Romeo Nuguid, on the rollout of pediatric vaccines. Our pedia has been our partner in ensuring the health and safety of our children. We’re blessed to have been given a go signal for our kids’ vaccination. What I can only do to pay this blessing forward is to help spread awareness on the availability of the vaccines and of the vaccination process for the parents and the kids. 

According to our pedia, it’s important to note that vaccines won’t stop the infection; however, it will lessen the chance of having the kids infected and it will prevent the virus from having severe effects on children should they get infected. 

Here are my #NeatMomTips to help you prepare for your kids’ vaccination:


Evaluate your kids’ eligibility using the Health Assessment Form. Dr. Nuguid shared this comprehensive Health Assessment document with us, and my husband and I reviewed it thoroughly. Aside from this, he also shared with us additional guidelines on filling out forms, onsite registration, vaccination, and monitoring.  

  • Consult your pedia. Our youngest, Sabina, had Kawasaki disease before. Since it’s a rare infection, I had to consult Dr. Nuguid if she’s eligible for vaccination. He said that Sabina needs the vaccine all the more because her body must be protected from further infections. 
  • Prepare your children. Our children may not have a memory of them getting vaccinated, so it will help if we parents will be honest about what they will go through. What is the vaccine about? What good will it provide them? You may relate it with the current situation and help them understand how vaccines will help us return to our pre-pandemic routines such as face to face classes and going out for leisure. 
  • Role play how vaccines are given. I read about an article that says do a “rehearse visit” most especially for small children. It’s time to put their doctor playsets to actual use! This is also one of the best times to entertain questions if your children have any. 
  • Rehearse how to properly wear a mask. Since our children are just at home and are not used to wearing masks, take time to teach them how to properly wear a mask and have them wear it for a few minutes at home.
  • Lessen exposure prior to vaccine day. Since my husband and I go out more than our children, we had to lessen it prior to their vaccine day so as not to compromise them. Have a schedule in mind leading up to the vaccine day to minimize exposure. 
  • If possible, get your kids’ stats at home. Your kids’ weight, temperature, oxygen, and heart rates may be taken at the registration station. But if you already have the means to check these stats at home, let’s do so to help speed up the process. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing. Remember the good old days when we used to travel? Before we do, we try to foresee all the discomfort of long-haul flights and possible delays, so we make sure we do our best in making ourselves comfortable through the clothes we wear.  
  • Have your kids eat a good meal and make sure they are well rested before the vaccine. I always say this – there are so many things beyond our control, but let’s do the best we can on the things we have control of. Let’s prepare our kids physically as much as we prepare them mentally and emotionally.


  1. Have a “comfort kit” ready. Wearing comfortable clothes is good, but having a comfort kit ready is better. There might be a long waiting time, so let’s ease our kids’ discomfort through being “girl / boy scouts”! This is what I have prepared:
  2. Portable fan
  3. Books
  4. Gadget (make sure to charge!)
  5. Powerbank
  6. Thermometer
  7. Oximeter
  8. Extra masks (kids and adults)
  9. Antibacterial wipes
  10. Disinfectant
  11. Alcohol
  12. Extra clothes 
  13. Water
  14. Snacks
  15. Ice packs, freezer bag, or Kool Fever to put in injection site
  • Wear your mask (and face shield, if possible).
  • (For non-drive thru vaccination) You may opt to have your small children in a stroller with rain cover.Make sure you provide proper ventilation for your kids, too.  

with the best pedia, Dr. Romeo Nuguid


Do not skip the observation period. We were asked to wait for 15minutes to see if there are any adverse effect. It will be helpful if you stay and observe so that in case there are any discomfort the physicians can attend to your kids right away.

Ready your pedia-recommended medicines. We adults had the same preparation during our own vaccinations, so we do the same for our kids just in case they will have fever, allergies, or general discomfort.  

Let your children rest. When we adults got our vaccines, we had to pause from our heavy physical activities to allow our bodies to rest. Remind your children to avoid playing and running around too soon.

Monitor your children. – If possible, create a journal of any adverse effects, so you have a reliable list when you report to your pedia. 

I’m with you on doing everything we can to protect our children against the virus. I hope that these tips are helpful in preparing your kids for vaccination! It is my prayer that this pandemic ends really soon.

Have a safe and Neat day, everyone!