Now, here are the important ones.

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 11.26.43 AM.png

Nothing is more tedious than getting/compiling important documents. I started this when I was still single. And when I got married, I made my husband his own file book.  I made a separate one for the kids and our conjugal documents.

Apart from being OC, I’m also paranoid (I know, not a good combination). I make sure that all of these are in one bag so that in case of emergency I can easily grab it (of course I’ll make sure to get my kids first, hahaha).

This has helped us a lot, especially if we need these for pre-employment, visa, bank requirements, and other grown up stuff. Totally saved us from the hassle of going through each papers since the dividers are labeled. Cuts the time in requesting for copies either in school, previous companies, or government requirements.


The key here is versioning! Find the latest version and prioritise it. You don’t have to keep the older version, but make sure that if you ever keep and store any version make sure its the latest one.

That leads me to my last step – Store it in a safe and clean location. These are made of paper and it will eventually fade or disintegrate. Do you know that given the worst condition, where humidity and bacteria is high, paper can decompose in just 6 weeks! So watch out. I suggest you go buy a fire proof safe which can be carried in case of emergency. Because you won’t know if a zombie apocalypse will happen in the future and you need to run out of your house quickly. Maybe not, but just make sure you can manage it well in the event of a calamity. Water can still sip through any box given time, however air tight it may be, all it needs is just a little opening. Most importantly, include some silica gel inside in order to absorb moisture, but not too much, because you don’t want all your paper to be too brittle for handling due to lack of some moisture. One pinky size will do.

There you go! Happy organising to you all, friends! 🙂