The One Who Embraces Homemaking

Home is where the heart is.

We all agree that home is not just a building or a structure. For many of us, home is where our loved ones are. Home is a feeling we associate with being happy and contented. When we’re home, we don’t wish to be someplace else. This is why we also say, there’s no place like home.

Prior to the lockdown, Kathryn Bernardo’s schedule was always full. She rarely stays at home due to her commitments at work, so when the lockdown was in its full and strictest swing, Kath surprised even herself to discover her love for staying in the kitchen.

She started baking and enjoyed it, to the point of realizing that her kitchen needs to be renovated. 

It wasn’t our first #NeatProject with Kath. As I shared with you before, it was DJ who introduced Neat Obsessions to Kath. Our first project, as also mentioned in the Neat Obsessions book, is her closet!

“Kath’s involvement was a huge factor in creating a space that is personal to her. After she decluttered her closet, she rehomed with the feeling of being excited about organizing other parts of her house! From that moment on, I get surprise messages from her showing me how she organized parts of her bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom!” (Neat Obsessions book, page 111)

Kath is as decisive as we all should be! It was a breeze decluttering her closet as she was firm in letting go of all clothes that don’t fit her anymore. She didn’t have to check it one by one – she instructed us that she will let go of all clothes that belong to a specific size. 

This is just one of the many things that proves how driven Kath is. She knows what she wants. When she wants to do something, she puts her mind and heart into it – we all know this through the projects and films she does.

It was Kath who convinced her mom to renovate and organize their kitchen, not just for it to look beautiful, but because she realized that cooking and baking help her destress. She just recently discovered this passion, but she did all she could – renovation and organization included – so she could continue to connect to her happiness, while she is temporarily limited from doing the other thing she loves, which is acting.

Kath’s Baking Ingredients

If we take a closer look at it, Kath discovered this passion because she was at rest. One lesson I was reminded of when doing this project is this: sometimes, we think that rest is a waste of time. But in truth, rest allows us to discover what will pull us back home. Rest is a blessing in such a way that it gives us time to spend with, reflect on, and connect with ourselves. 

Home is where the heart is.

There’s no question that Kath loves acting, and we all know how she does it so well. Kath embraces the character assigned to her that’s why she is able to cry and laugh with them. But there’s this role Kath embraced that doesn’t require changing of clothes and putting on makeup. It’s a role that doesn’t require the limelight, and more importantly, a role that doesn’t end when the camera stops recording. 

It’s being a homemaker. 

One Happy Homemaker

Kath understands the beauty of homemaking. She is one of the busiest celebrities we have ever worked with, but just like what she said in the vlog, she really made time to organize her kitchen. She shows that it is always possible for us to make time to connect with ourselves and with our homes. 

“There is no age requirement, gender, or status in life to qualify as a homemaker. If it’s your home, embrace that responsibility.” (Neat Obsessions book, page 73)

Watch how we organized Kathryn’s Newly Renovated Kitchen through the links below: