The One in KimChiuPH vlog

Despite being a household name in Philippine showbiz, Kim Chiu continues to reinvent herself to become a better role model to the youth.

One of her claim to fame is her Youtube Channel Kim Chiu PH – where she goes more personal as she shares her behind-the-scenes, travels, and projects.

Two of her most recent posts are very helpful vlogs such as giving tips on packing light, and a 2-part decluttering session. In these videos, we see a Kim Chiu which is far from the image of a princess she has been fond of projecting in her earlier years in showbiz.

Kim is very hands-on when it comes to packing her things, for instance. Although very capable of having others fix her things for her, Kim does it on her own, and even generously shares a formula that works for her: KKK – Kailangan, Kasyang-Kasya, Kayang-Kaya. In it, while she frequently makes us laugh with her contagious giggles, Kim proves she is an expert in what she does.

Meanwhile, in her Project Decluttering videos, in her very lovable Kim Chiu fashion, she frequently inserts hugot lines while deciding on which things to keep and let go. She was even able to set up boxes labelled as to which one she is ready to sell, donate, and let go.

Kim did put herself in the shoes of the many characters she played on screen. Now, she plays the role of a homemaker in real life, and she shows that she can perform this role with her eyes shut!

Being a homemaker is not just for people who are married; it is also for those who are single, who are humble enough to ask for help in creating a system in their personal spaces…

It is for those who are committed to maintaining the system that was already established…

It is for those who, like Kim, have a heart in investing in their own home, and in their own careers.

While others do something differently with the time, resources, and position that they have, Kim chooses to be an inspiration to people to focus on more important things, through sharing herself in the channel that I’m sure will gain more inspired viewers and subscribers in the days and years to come.

Here’s the video when I helped Kim with her decluttering project. I hope you can pick up a tip or two in your own journey to homemaking!

Stay Neat everyone!