The Value of Waiting

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July has ended, which means another chapter closed.

Today, please allow me to indulge in a little recollection of the month that was and in bits of happy updates!  

A quick summary of my July 2020 goes like this:

Layouting the Neat Obsessions book

I remember the days leading to Metro Manila turning from MECQ (Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine) to GCQ (General Community Quarantine). I couldn’t wait for the ever passionate team from ABS-CBN Publishing that I work with to come here at home to have the last leg of the photoshoot! Oh to be allowed to receive guests again after a long time! As soon as all the photos in our checklist were completed, I was shown the initial layout of the book a few days after! I was so thrilled to see it finally come together, and I must say – it does take a village to publish a book!

Sharing with you my “Dirty Kitchen (No More!)” Project

A few days back, I was finally able to share with you my Dirty Kitchen (No More!) Project in my Youtube channel. As you know, this dirty kitchen project was also halted by the lockdown, but being able to enjoy it now is a reward so much worth the wait!

Preparing my kids for distance learning

Arranging, rearranging, building, and organizing did not stop for us in the dirty kitchen project! Because of the approaching start of the school year, we also had to prepare my kids for distance learning. So we had to renovate our existing playroom to become my son’s room, and our existing guest room to become my daughters’ room. I’ll show you them soon in another vlog!

Creating more vlogs and blogs

In line with the two points above, my schedule for my video shoots for Youtube has been well plotted this July, and I really try to find time to sit down and write blogs as my way of reaching out to more homemakers who need that push to begin their organizing journey. I hope you learn a thing or two from my everyday journey in being an organizer, a mother, a wife, and a homemaker.

Starting the online consultancy

Speaking of reaching out, since we cannot really go out to many projects as we usually do before, I recently started doing online consultancy to still be able to help homemakers in organizing their homes as a response to travel restrictions and safety protocols. It feels like a lifetime ago when my team and I would go to projects from Mondays to Fridays, and when the need arises, including Saturdays and Sundays! The circumstances tell me that since we simply cannot go to our clients’ homes like we used to, I must find a way to still help and support their goals in becoming a more efficient homemaker!

Going back to work

I really missed doing projects for my clients! Just last week, I was able to schedule a moving in project with a client in… guess where? My hometown, Batangas! I had a great time seeing my hometown, seeing familiar faces, and of course – the ultimate perk of going back to Batangas again is – seeing my parents again! It’s just too bad that I can’t go very near them, but seeing them is such a joy and relief in itself!

Of course, in between all of these are all the errands, wife and mommy duties I had to attend. With this said, how are you all, mommies? Know that however difficult you think things are, you are doing a great job!

I shared my July with you in hopes that I could impart one lesson I learned this month: the value of waiting.

All the things I listed above sound all too nice and happy, but they entailed a lot of waiting – waiting for government restrictions to ease, waiting for deliveries to arrive, waiting for the right time.

Let me share with you a little story: before, I used to think that had this pandemic not happened, the book would have been published by the time I celebrated my birthday this year. It would have been really memorable! I was so excited for the process to be completed that I can’t deny I also felt a little down that it did not push through as scheduled.

One day during the lockdown, while I was going through the chapters again, I realized that there was a misplaced detail – I might have written it at a time when I was a little tired or sleepy. This detail woke every vein in my body because it was a detail I cannot afford to be misplaced! I cannot imagine if the book was published as scheduled. I might have missed that detail altogether! With this, I realized that things do not have to really happen at my own time.

The waiting season is a blessing in itself. We all have to learn to see it that way.

If you feel like you’re stuck at this moment in your life, maybe the message for you is to wait. While you do, keep doing the small things that you’re supposed to do.

As a mom, I understand all the anxiety that all moms go through right now thinking about the safety of our children, but while we wait for this virus to completely stop spreading, we have to make sure that we do our part in protecting our kids and training them too to do the safety measures everyday.

Waiting is a beautiful season, if we don’t wait passively.

Waiting should be coupled with action.

Waiting should be coupled with faith.

While we all wait for our time, we have to wait with a grateful heart.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

Stay safe!