The One with a grateful heart

Motherhood has never been easy, but I can definitely tell you that being a mother in the middle of a pandemic takes the cake for being one of the most difficult times in a mother’s life. 

When an invisible virus threatens the normalcy of everyday, when kids suddenly can’t go to school, see their friends, and enjoy the world, a mother keeps herself on her toes, and if only she could physically shield her children from harm, she would do it without a doubt, 24/7.  

In my Mother’s Day blog last year, I honored my children for teaching me how to be the mother that they need during their season. In this blog, I wish to honor the mothers and homemakers I had the privilege of knowing because of Neat Obsessions. They all welcomed me graciously in their hearts and homes, making me learn so much about how they champion motherhood in their respective seasons.  

The One with the Airplane Collection

This mom leaves all traces of stardom at their front door. When she steps foot inside their home, she is a mother. She asked us for help in organizing his son’s room. When we were organizing her son’s airplane collection, she fondly shared with us how her son is in the season of being fascinated with airplanes, since he hears them most of the time while in quarantine. With this, the collection became not just a display of the child’s keenness on planes, but also of his mother’s attention and support. I truly admire the way this mom always chooses to put the limelight on her son the moment she’s home. 

The One with the Homeschool Area                                                                                                      

Even before the whole world transitioned into distance learning, this mom was already a teacher to her eldest child. She has always been intentional with her firstborn, looking for ways to help him discover the world through homeschooling. I admire how she attends to the details of their daily living, most especially with the food they eat. When she can, she personally prepares the food for the family and she’s eager to learn more on how to cook and bake. Now that she has two sons, she allows their home to be a home for growing boys, letting them learn and play, run around, be messy, but makes sure that their things will go back to the way they were, based on the system we established.  

The One with a Growing Home

I admire this mom because she handles her children’s transitions with so much grace! She has three – her eldest and middle child are both girls, and her youngest is a boy – all of them have varied interests, hobbies, and activities. As a mother, she makes sure that their home continues to address the needs of all three children, by providing them separate rooms to grow into their own persons. As a family-oriented person, she also makes sure that there are areas in their home where they can gather and bond as a family. While she’s hands on with her kids, this mom is also in a season of learning new things, as we rearranged her kitchen for her to have a baking station. Truly, in motherhood, it’s never too late to learn something new.

The One with an Art Caddy

This mom ensured that there are spaces for creativity to grow and flourish in their home. Their family bonds, reads, sings, dances, cooks, and creates, thanks to her collection of books and art in her home office, a piano in their living room, a well-equipped kitchen, and an art caddy they can bring anywhere in the house! When we organized her son’s room, we also placed an art station of his own crayons, colored pencils, and craft materials so his room will not be a limitation for him to create, dream, and imagine too! I admire her for building a home that is filled with appreciation for creating music and art. 

The One with the Bookshelf

Using the bookshelf that extends from floor to ceiling, this mom ensured that her only child will remember the stories of his childhood. When I organized this bookshelf, I was amazed with how this mom provided a good combination of books, learning materials, and toys that her child can use to explore more of his passion and interests. I admire how this mother nurtures her relationship with her child through this bookshelf too, as some of her own toys from way back are also displayed there! As this mom was removing all the “baby books” from the shelf for sharing with her son’s younger cousins, she found the space to put in more of the toys that both she and her child will treasure and keep for as long as they both want to. She knows what to de-own to keep the shelf updated with her son’s current chapter in his childhood story. 

The One with the Nursery

Her two children share a room, so she had a spare room to convert to a nursery in preparation for her third child. I have a soft spot for moms who are in the nesting phase, knowing that with the excitement, anxiety, and all the things they are feeling in between, they need all the help they can get. When we first talked, this mom was very mindful of their budget, so she specifically requested for us to use everything they have. With just a few moving around of the furniture, we were able to create different stations in the nursery without having to buy things and without cramping the space. I admire how intentional this mom is for choosing to re-own every shelf and drawer they have by finding a new purpose for them in the nursery.   

The One with the Renovations

As a mom of adults living far from her, this mom is the phrase “open arms” personified. She may be spending long months or years away from her children, but she makes sure that they are comfortable in their own rooms when they come for a visit or short vacation. Her home may have undergone changes and renovations, but one thing remains the same: that her children will always have a space in her home and in her life. I admire her for building a life she loves while on her own, but never forgetting that she is a mother through and through.   

The One with a Full House 

This mom’s house was full to the brim – with clothes. Her bed, bathtub, floors, and family area were all covered in piles of clothes. It was a tough start for her. She was hesitant to have other people sort her things. It was probably her daughter’s eagerness for her to have an organized home again that pushed her to open up slowly. Later on, she agreed for us to sort her clothes and move them to a temporary storage area. Her shopping habits that led to the massive amount of clothes may have been developed when she started her days of being an empty nester, but at the end of it all, it was her daughter’s love that pushed her to be open again. I admire her for her courage to face her fears and for learning to accept other people in her life so she could one day welcome her daughter in their home again. 


As we celebrate the mothers all around the world today, I personally celebrate all the women who have tirelessly reared their children, with or without this pandemic. To the mothers I met and learned from through Neat Obsessions, thank you for sharing your lives with me so I can better help you in your journey in organizing.  

To all the mothers reading this blog, cheers! I pray for us to always have the strength and guidance to create a home filled with love. 

Despite the uncertainties of everyday, may we always choose to be The One with a Grateful Heart

Happy Mothers’ Day and Stay Neat, everyone!