Traveling With ESSA

This blog begins with a heart of gratitude for finally – after what seemed like eternity – my family and I were able to travel again for a much-needed break! 

Well, truthfully, I was working half the time. I’m still thankful though because it’s a privilege to bring my family where they could enjoy the sand and the sea while I’m just a few steps away from them. In between work, I join them for fun and photos.  

It was a 16-hour drive to Cagayan. Normally when we travel, I pack light, but not this time – because our entire household was in tow!

Our preparations for this trip included planning meals and grocery shopping. Here’s a tip: Since we’re going to stay in a villa, we had to prepare and cook our own food. This way, we avoid unnecessary expenses during the trip!  

Imagine the amount of things we had to bring! Clothes, toiletries, beach essentials, and food – I told you it was not possible to pack light for this trip! Because of this, I had to think smart on how to pack all these without having the inconvenience of bringing bulky luggage. Thanks to Essa Home Solutions, our trip was problem-free! Here are the things I love about the Essa boxes:

They come in different colors. The color coding helped us facilitate a system for the different categories of our things: snacks, groceries, and beach essentials. Even the kids can easily identify where their needs are. For a shared system to work, it has to be easily understood. Otherwise, it cannot be followed nor maintained. This is why the color-coded boxes were very convenient. What’s more is that the boxes come in eye-candy summer colors!

They help avoid spillage. Since it was a long drive, we cannot check from time to time how the drinks are at the trunk of the car. With the Essa boxes, we didn’t have to worry about spillage in the car because the boxes did the securing of our food. What’s more is that…

The boxes are stackable, so they’re space saving!  

Here’s an unexpected and unconventional use of the boxes that came as a surprise:

We placed one box with us in the car so the kids can easily access food when they’re hungry. Nobody anticipated that the sturdy box itself served as an extra legroom for Sabina when she fell asleep! It was as if she was in business class! 

During our stop overs, we used the lid of the box as my kids’ food tray. #neatmomwin

It was a fun drive and trip to the North, and I’m grateful for this special time I was able to spend with my family, and for the little homemaking and organizing hacks I also gained along the way.