The One With the Lego Collection


Here’s my very first playroom NeatProject. I initially asked my friend to send me the photos of the areas that she wants me to work on prior to me doing the project. I was so thrilled to receive photos of her kids’ playroom. More so, I was so happy to find out that her eldest is like my son who is also a Lego enthusiast. Their playroom already has well thought of pieces of furniture to showcase her son’s collection. Shelving units for the books and other toys are already available. It was just a matter of sorting and making sure that the kids can easily locate them.

I asked her to buy bins and boxes for us to be able to keep the toys properly stashed inside. With this, toys will not get dusty and dirty easily. This is a good way for kids to learn how to sort and pack away properly every time they finish playing. They would already know where their toys are. You don’t want to hear another screaming child asking where the other parts of their Tobots are, right?

Shelf racks to maximize the space.


This is optional, but in case you’re thinking of organizing your kids’ toys in more detail, I sorted the legos and the books by colors too… 🙂



I opted for the books to be arranged this way so that kids can easily find the book they are looking for.

Truth is there is really no hard rule in organizing. But, the things that you only need to consider is to how efficiently arrange the items so it will not be forgotten and neglected.

Have a Neat day! 🙂