The One with the Hole in One

It’s only when we become adults that we realize we want to go back being kids again. Kids wake up, eat, learn, sleep, play, eat, sleep… my perfect life! hahaha! Then adulting happens… It’s like the world suddenly puts half of its weight on you. The bills to be settled, the meetings to attend, indigestion – ugh!, burning those carbs, the I-want-to-party-but-needs-to-be-in-bed-by-8! Not because of choice but by necessity. Or finally buying your dream house! And the list goes on and on and on. Now, don’t get me started on the responsibilities of being a parent, it’s by and large, more adulting to the next level – feels like the entire weight of the world is on you, times three! Three kids to be exact! ugh!

Let’s forget about adulting for a while and enjoy the simple pleasures of the life of a kid, not too young though, but a college student. In this NeatProject, I was able to help this student to have some system (of order) in his room.

Do you remember when you were in college? Probably not as crazy for most of us girls, but I remember my husband telling me stories like this dormmate he had who would only change his sheets every year! Imagine what lives and thrives in those sheets! Oh my! Or this guy who would sleep with a burger in his mouth, or a condo flooded with beer after a crazy party… disgusting!


But this young college gentleman who I helped with is totally not that. He is a golf pro and a very sweet boy who loves his collections of caps and console games. Very respectful and diligent. Still, he is like any young man who needs some order in his room… Neat Obsessions to the rescue!


From his closet to his work area, his bed and to his most priceless possessions – his golf trophies, plaques, and medals. I made sure that he will still have room for more because, with the rate his winnings in Golf is going, he will be able to fill up an entire room with more trophies and medals in no time. The first time I met him, he was already committed to making a change, and I always feel like he is already to become an adult soon. He’s on that stage where more serious things are about to unfold. Oh, how I would have loved to tell him to stop for a while and enjoy the carefree life of the youth.


We shopped for storages in Landers and I was able to get an idea of his personality. I sensed that he always talks about his family, he loves his big bro oh so dearly, and with this, I started to plan. Three things which I focused on.

  1. Make sure clothes are easy to spot and stack. So the Konmari method of folding should be able to help him spot all the shirts in his drawers easily. Make sure all his favorite shirts are in one stack. This makes it easier for him or whoever is putting the shirts in his closet in keeping it neat!
  2. Highlight his passion, and make sure I get to understand what his trophies and medals mean. I ultimately arranged it per tournament so that he will remember the special stories and new friends he made in these events, more than just the awards. His passion for golf is not just about winning. His dream is to help the sport progress by being a coach and teaching young kids to love the golf as much as he loves it. But it’s not just about the sport. I want to make sure that I place all the things that remind him of the family in every corner. Make sure the photos, gifts, and memorabilia are there for him to remember how loved he is by everyone in the family.
  3. Have bins for all his stuff. Boys will be boys. The solution is to have bins for them to throw stuff in. It’s easy to manage and it helps him to find things easier. Specific bins for old toys, specific bins for cables, specific bins for personal stuff like wallet, receipts, etc.



It was also a great opportunity for me to learn and know what else to consider in a man’s room. Another three things I learned:

  1. Gadgets and all electronic cables need to be close to the bed.
  2. The remote must be easily accessible. Especially the remote! the magic wand of all boys!
  3. Shirts should be easily pulled out. Take note, not just find, but an emphasis on the shirts being pulled out without it destroying the entire stack… Konmari, thank you!

Before | After 

Remember I mentioned earlier how sweet this boy is? Days after, he tagged me in one post. He won another tournament! Woohoo! Hole in one! I can just imagine him putting this trophy orderly in his new and improved trophy shelves… fingers crossed 🤞🏼

That’s all for now. Until my next Neat Project everyone! Stay Neat!