Have you ever wondered how many times the word Mom / Mommy / Mama / Ma / Inay / Nanay gets mentioned in the house in a day? 

Happy Sunday, Neatropolis! 

I write this entry with a heartfelt appreciation to mothers all around the world!

Whenever I am with my kids, I hear the three of them call me from time to time, either alternatingly or in chorus. (I’ll leave you to compute how many times I hear them call me) They call me for the most important and for the silliest reasons. Sometimes, when I hear the longest “Mooooooooooooom” (followed by a long rant or complaint) at a time when I am exhausted from work, I remind myself that these little ones are the very reasons why I am working hard every day. 

Surely there is no perfect motherhood. There are just perfect reasons why a mother keeps going.

Interestingly, aside from “female parent,” the dictionary gives us another meaning to the word “mother.” Although this dictionary meaning does not necessarily refer to a person, its meaning is beautiful and powerful enough to be used as a descriptor for the most important woman in our lives:


Our mothers are our sources of love, wisdom, comfort, and strength. This is probably why even if they can’t hear us, we call them on instinct. This is probably why our kids call us from time to time too, because we have established ourselves to be a source of something – funnily enough, sometimes, the source of answer to a missing toy or missing anything. 

Those who are not our biological mothers but have become our source of strength through time are also mother figures to us. The people in our lives who have loved us unconditionally and who made sure we grow up to be our best selves are also people we call mothers too. These are the women and/or men who stand in the position of rearing and bringing up people in the best way they know. Motherhood, now, comes in all forms and does not only fit the mold of a woman who carried a child in the womb for nine months.

Many mothers have been breadwinners in their families or a source of income for the household. 

I for example, with the blessing and support of my husband, have become a mompreneur to pursue one of my passions in life. I admire many single moms for gracefully being the source of income and the source of everything else her children needs, no matter how difficult it gets.

I think about how wonderful it is for us mothers to live at this time that there’s Facebook and Instagram. We can easily share tips, hacks, and experiences that will help inspire one another to go about the ins and outs of motherhood.  

I am sure many moms would agree that no matter how much time we spend with our kids in the morning or at night, when we’re at work, we feel a little guilty of not having to spend that time with our kids instead. We worry too much about how we’re missing out on important milestones in their lives because we’re somewhere far from their side. 

There are nights when I just cannot go home early even if I want to. There are days, however, when you’d see me posting in my IG stories that I’m home before the sun sets. On days that I cannot go home early, my husband finds a way for him to go home ahead of me so the kids will have someone to play with. 

One time, when I felt I wanted to do more by being closer to my kids than I already am, when I got confused if I’m doing motherhood right by pursuing my passion, I heard the right words I needed at that time: “You are teaching your children the value of hard work.”

Then I get messages of love from mothers on Instagram, telling me how Neat Obsessions inspired them, either to organize their homes or to pursue their passions too. While some of us may be able to pursue passions and jump out of a sinking ship before we drown, some of us have limitations or restrictions that do not allow us to just “jump out.” Some, although having a strong drive to pursue their passions, are left with no choice but to stay where they are. I not saying this on the note that you are doomed for life – I am writing this to encourage you that the saying, “Bloom where you are planted” is something that you can cultivate in your life to make the most of your days as a mother.

Hard work is not just applicable for people who go out of their houses to work.

If you’re a mother climbing the corporate ladder, bloom. If you’re a stay at home mom, bloom. If you are in the period of transition from one job to another, bloom. Surely there is something you can do to learn more about yourself to be able to help the people around you. There is a reason why you are where you are at the moment. While you feel like you haven’t figured out everything yet, just continue finding reasons continue going, and don’t forget to “do small things with great love,” too.

It’s the small acts you do for your children and for your family that makes you a great mother, not the size of your paycheck, not the workplace you’re in, not even the gifts you shower them with. The little (or big) ones beside you – your children – are the reasons you must keep going. Looking at yourself with another mother in mind as a gauge will only make you insecure and inadequate. You are enough, momma. Your sacrifices are incomparable, and with that, your accomplishments are incomparable, too!

Mommas of Neatropolis, allow me to say once and for all that you all inspire me too – because I learn a lot from how you handle this all-too difficult yet rewarding job that is motherhood. Let’s continue being the source of light and strength to our children by supporting them in pursuing their own passions and dreams. There are holes and gaps from time to time, but we mommas can sure remedy them – go back to your source of strength (your husband, faith or your mom) so that you’re on your toes again.

You all are beautiful and strong, and to the people who look up to you as their source of love, wisdom, comfort, and strength, you are more than enough.

Happy Mother’s Day! Stay Neat Everyone! 🙂